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Бял Щърк Take Me Somewhere Twice (Imperial Passionfruit Sour IPA) (Horizont Brewery collab)

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After the big success of the first recipe, this beer is a second take on Passionfruit SOUR IPA of Horizont Brewery and White Stork Brewery. Very well hidden 7,5% alcohol, actually it is an easy drinker, smooth, refreshing beer with intense Passionfruit notes, coming from both the fruit and the dry-hops. Enjoy!


Sour IPA

A sour IPA is derived from a New England IPA with added tartness/sourness, it primarily comes from Lactobacillus, a microorganism used in the kettle souring process. Additional flavours come from barrel aging, or from fruit, vanilla, and lactose.

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White Stork Beer Co.

Sofia, Bulgaria, Microbrewery, Contract Brewery. Founded in 2013. 'White Stork is one of the first commercial craft beer breweries based in Bulgaria. We believe in the alchemy of craft beer, so be ready to be surprised!'

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