Бял Щърк White Stout BA Sauternes Whiskey Casks (Fehér Nyúl collab)

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The White Stout version, aged for 5 months in barrels of Sauternes elegant wines, was later used to mature whiskey to finally host this exceptional beert. Brewed together with the Hungarian brewery Fehér Nyúl. The Imperial White Stout has a soft and balanced taste of coffee and vanilla, and has a definitely unique character, thanks to the rich bouquet of aromas inherited from the barrels. Contains lactose.


White Stout

This stout beer is with golden-pale color, but tastes and smells just like the dark stouts. Most white stouts get their flavor from chocolate and coffee rather than the roasted malt. It feels just like magic - confuses senses.

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White Stork Beer Co.

Sofia, Bulgaria, Microbrewery, Contract Brewery. Founded in 2013. 'White Stork is one of the first commercial craft beer breweries based in Bulgaria. We believe in the alchemy of craft beer, so be ready to be surprised!'

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