Club Mate Winter

  • Brand: Club Mate
  • Style: Soft drink
  • Color: Pale
  • Packaging: bottle
  • Content: 0.500 l.
  • Quantity per carton: 20 pcs.
  • ABV: 0 %
  • CMW
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It‘s winter time and the magic of star anise, cinnamon and cardamom should not be missing in our CLUB-MATE.

Enjoy it cold or warm together with christmas cookies, Stollen and gingerbred.

You will still feel energized and fit because we didn‘t change the rest of the recipe. So the mate plant will take you through the day without loosing your energy.



Club Mate

‚ Club-Mate has been produced in Bavaria by a special recipe over 90 years. Club-Mate is a natural product suitable for vegetarian and vegan.’

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