Club Mate Cola

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Are you asking yourself: how can these match? Healthy ingredients from the mate plant and sweet COLA?! Believe us, it matches perfectly!!!!

Only with the natural caffeine from mate, cola nut, tea and coffee. Without the addition of artificial caffeine!!! Our natural secret of taste has a stimulating, refreshing and energizing effect and tastes sweet but not too sweet.

The CLUB-MATE COLA is rich in natural antioxidants!!! So to speak, a slightly healthier coke that you can’t resist.


Soft drink

Висококачествена безалкохолна напитка от Германия с тонизиращ и концентриращ ефект.

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Club Mate

‚ Club-Mate has been produced in Bavaria by a special recipe over 90 years. Club-Mate is a natural product suitable for vegetarian and vegan.’

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