Metalhead LickItUp

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Fun and fresh is what describes this beer the best. Just like the song, it’s inspired by – Lick it Up by Kiss, this godly nectar is perfect for late summer nights with friends. It is mild but with a hidden wild streak. It winks at you to join the fun. Yes, you, come here, and get another one! What could happen, you think, so you get another one, and then another one


American Pale Ale (APA)

American Pale Ale style beers started to show up in the mid 1970s with the rise of American developed hops. The use of cleaner yeasts also helped with the development of the genre. Typical APAs have around 5% ABV.

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Metalhead Brewery

Burgas, Bulgaria, Micro Brewery. Founded in 2019. 'Full of love for heavy music and good beer, we wanted to find a way to combine those two, have fun and share it with the world.'

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