New for you and us - RIVER BREWERY


RIVER BREWERY is a microbrewery, established in 2019 at the Danube river shore in Rousse, Bulgaria.

Their ambition is to produce craft beer based on classic technology and made with the finest Belgian ingredients.
Let us introduce the duo, which aim is to satisfy completely the fans of such style beers:

* Classic Pilsner, made with barley malt, bottom fermented, typical golden colour, subtle malty and rich hop taste and aroma. This beer is refreshing with its slightly bitter aftertaste.

* Weizen – made with a blend of wheat and barley malt. Brewed with compliance with traditional technology, using top-fermenting yeast. It is just a bit hoppy. This beer brings mainly citrus flavours, with domination of banana.

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Only available in Pivoteka.



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