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We are more than delighted to be able to present freshly brewed batches from one of Croatia’s top breweries: The Garden Brewery, an award-winning micro-brewery founded in 2016 and based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Not only have we managed to get our hands on their excellent craft beers but on July 11th there is an exceptional chance to taste them personally at White Stork Republic's tap room for their tap takeover.

The Garden Brewery was set up firstly to bring incredible craft beer to music festivals blossoming on Croatia’s shimmering Adriatic Coast, it did not take long for the enthusiastic and creative people behind the brand to take their brewery to a top European level.

In the Garden’s head brewer Tom O’Hara own words: ‘From summer thirst-quenchers and fruit sours, to our experimental range, our beers are brewed with creativity, innovation and a passion for experimentation. Whether it’s discovering a new beer style, exploring Croatia’s landscapes and feeling the sea breeze on the coast, or visiting our festival site in Tisno over the summertime, The Garden Brewery celebrates beer as a refreshingly simple way of connecting, in a sometimes-disconnected world.’

And yes – they turned their passion into product providing a variety of tastes and even to tease their fans with surprising recipes. The Garden is not only a brewing facility. Their taproom in a redbrick factory in Zagreb's industrial area, serves its latest creations, in a characterful dining setting, also for after-work drinks and all-night parties.

We are excited to learn more details and taste the elixirs in person this Saturday 11th of July.

Come join us at WSR from 13:00 to 22:00.

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Monday July the 13th our web shop will also host 12 extraordinary styles of their beers for home delivery.

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