Пиво за душата #5

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This beer is part of a special series of herbal beers, made together with an experienced herbalist.
The herbs used are: Liquorice, Мarsh-mallow, Tagetews Flower, Calendula, Meadowsweet, Elderberry, Linden, Cleavers, Black cumin, Fennel, Rose hip, White pine, Mursal tea.
Herbs with a fine effect - to  improve the tonus and self-confidence.
The beer has sweet aroma and is a favorable combination for many diseases - the respiratory system, lungs, anti-inflammatory processes, digestive system. It has a beneficial effect on the human psyche under stress, mental and emotional stress. It has a beneficial effect before going to sleep and sleep problems, but can be taken at any time of the day. It has a long and unique aftertaste.


Spiced/Herbed Beer

Special herbal beers, combining the pleasure of beer consumption with the beneficial effects of medicinal herbs. Each beer has an individual character. The products of this style are light, easy drinkable, with a lower alcohol content and a great herbal a

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Fabric Brewery

Fabric Brewery is a small brewery in Plovdiv, Bulgaria that produces craft beer since 2018. The ideology of the brewery is to brew quality beer with carefully selected ingredients and high quality raw materials, without added substituents and stabilizers.

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