General terms



1. This document contains the General Terms and Conditions under which the TRADER provides services to its Users / Customers through the Internet store These conditions are binding on all users. By clicking on the ORDER NOW button, the User / Customer agrees, fully accepts and agrees to abide by these General Terms and Conditions.

2. Identification of the User / Customer for the purpose of reproduction of his statement both for acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions and for the made order is carried out through the log files stored on the server of, storage of the IP address of the User / Customer, as well as any other information.

3. The products available on the website of do not constitute a legally binding offer, but are rather a demonstrative online catalog describing the merchant's product line.

4. After clicking on the "ORDER NOW" button, the User/Customer agrees to purchase the goods in the virtual cart.

5. The TRADER reserves the right to refuse delivery of a confirmed order in case the goods are not available. In the absence of stock available from the ordered goods, within one working week the TRADER shall notify the User /Customers of its exhaustion by sending a message to the email address specified by the Customer or to the specified telephone number. In case a transfer is made to the TRADER's account, the Customer will be able to choose between a refund, a cancellation of the order or a replacement order.

6. The contractual language is Bulgarian and the payments will be made in Bulgarian levs including VAT.

7. Only persons over 18 have the right to make purchases and to receive deliveries.




8. As soon as the goods are delivered to the courier, the TRADER shall be released from the risk which is transferred to the User / Customer. The TRADER is not responsible for the delay in case the delay is due to the courier or other supplier.

9. Immediately after delivery, the goods should be carefully inspected by the User / Customer or his authorized representative. Any damage, breakage and other damage should be reported immediately to the TRADER.

In case of invalid or inaccurate information provided: address, contact person and telephone when submitting the request for purchase, the TRADER is not bound by any obligation to execute the order.

9a. Upon delivery of the goods, the User / Customer or a third party signs the accompanying documents. Any person who is not the holder of the application but who accepts the goods for delivery at the address specified by the Customer is considered to be a third party.

In case of refusal to receive the goods, except in the cases described below, the refusal is considered unfounded and the Customer is obliged to pay the costs of delivery and return of the goods. In the event that the Customer is not found within the time limit for delivery at the specified address or access and conditions for delivery of the goods are not provided within that period, the TRADER shall be released from his obligation to deliver the goods ordered for purchase.

9b. Where the delivered goods do not clearly correspond to the goods ordered for purchase by the Customer and this can be ascertained by their ordinary examination, the Customer may request that the goods delivered to them to be replaced by those corresponding to the made purchase order within 24 hours of receipt.




10. The prices stated on the site include packaging and transportation to the Customer's address. The cost of transportation is described in PAYMENT AND SHIPPING .




11. The User / Customer has the opportunity to view and order the advertised goods on the online store

12. The User / Customer has the right to be informed about the status of their order.

13. The User / Customer is fully responsible for the protection of their username and password, as well as for all actions performed by him / her or by a third party by using his / her username and password. The User / Customer is obliged to immediately notify the TRADER of any case of unauthorized access by using his / her username and password, as well as whenever there is a danger of such use.

14. The User / Customer is obliged to pay the price of their purchase according to the method announced in the order.

15. The User / Customer is obliged to indicate the correct and valid telephone number, delivery address and e-mail address, to pay the price of the goods, to pay the shipping costs when the last is not free of charge and to provide access and opportunity to receive the goods.




16. The TRADER do not have the obligation and the objective ability to control how User / Customer use the services provided by them.

17. The TRADER has the right, but not the obligation, to retain materials and information located on the server of

18. The TRADER undertakes, upon receipt of the payment, to transfer to the User / Customer the possession of the goods requested to purchase from them, to deliver the goods ordered for purchase within the time limit, to check the technical condition of each item before it is sent (in case, that this is possible without compromising the integrity of the package).

19 The TRADER has the right to collect and use information relating to its Users / Customers, whether or not they are registered.

20. The information under the preceding Article may be used by the TRADER, except in the case of explicit consent of the User, sent to the following e-mail address: The TRADER collects and uses the information to improve the services offered. All the purposes for which the TRADER will use the information will be in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation, the applicable international acts and good morals.

21. The TRADER shall not be liable for failure to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement in the event of circumstances that the TRADER did not foresee and was not obliged to foresee - including, cases of accidental events, problems on the Internet and providing the Internet. services beyond the control of the TRADER

22. The TRADER has the right to install cookies on the Users' computers. Cookies are text files that are stored on the User's hard disk by the website and allow the Users to recover information by identifying them and allowing them to track their actions such as: the websites they visit, the hyperlinks they use, the information they use and record. and others.




23. The TRADER guarantees to its Users / Customers the confidentiality of the information and personal information provided by them. The last will not be used, made available or made known to third parties except in the cases and under the conditions set out in these General Terms. The TRADER protects the personal data of the Users / Customers, which became known to him / her when filling out the electronic form for making a purchase application, and this obligation shall be canceled if the Users / Customers has provided incorrect data. Subject to the applicable legislation and the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, the TRADER may use the personal data of the User / Customer only for the purposes stipulated in the contract. Any other purposes for which the data are used will be in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation, the applicable international acts, Internet ethics, the rules of morality and good morals.

23a. The TRADER guarantees not to disclose any personal data about the User / Customer to third parties - government institutions, companies, individuals, etc., unless it has received the Customer’s written consent, the information has been requested by government authorities or officials who are empowered to request and collect such information under the current law. The TRADER is obliged to provide the information under the power of the law.

23b. The TRADER does not store bank card details.




24. In the event that the User / Customer has objections to the quality and quantity of the goods or wants to return the products within the statutory time limit, they must contact the TRADER and submit in writing (by email) their objection or desire. Within 5 working hours the TRADER is obliged to take the actions described in the following points.

24a. In the case of a wrongly delivered or defective product, the product shall be refunded or replaced with an available product, and if that product is not available, the advertised product shall be refunded.

24b. In case the User / Customer wishes to return the goods within the period stipulated by the law, the TRADER shall return the amount within 5 working days, receiving the goods back. Only the entire package of goods ordered may be requested, not parts of the order.




25. The General Terms and Conditions might be changed at any time by the TRADER, who is also entitled to change the characteristics of the services provided. and these General Terms and Conditions. and on the basis of changes in legislation. The TRADER is obliged to notify the User about changes in the General Terms and Conditions, by prominently posting on their website a message about the changes and giving a sufficient time to the User / Customer to familiarize with them. Within the specified period, if the User / Customer does not declare that they reject the changes, they shall be considered bound by them. In case the User / Customer declares within the given term that they does not agree with the changes, the TRADER has the right to immediately suspend or terminate the provision of its services to the User / Customer.




26. " User / Customer " means anyone who has uploaded the website to their computer or mobile device.