About us

PIVOTEKA Ltd. is a leading distributor of craft beer in Bulgaria. Our company supplies the local market with beer from small, independent craft breweries from homeland and abroad.


     For Traders: We provide daily deliveries to stores, retails, outlets, at wholesale prices for our entire range of products. If you own a restaurant or shop, reach us and ask for special offers.

     For home or office: Our aim and desire are to bring craft beer to your door, through the fastest delivery possible and at the lowest possible price.



Deyan Hristakiev – General manager of PIVOTEKA


    Mob. 0895 981 230

    Mail: dido@pivoteka.bg

    Mail for orders: order@pivoteka.bg

    Facebook: /pivoteka.bg

    Instagram: /pivoteka.bg




Our Services:


     We supply restaurants, bars and other locations;

     We supply your corporate parties with beer.

     We organize team-building events where your employees learn to taste different styles of beer.

     We organize blind tasting competitions;

     We offer a discount to your employees if they shop through our site www.pivoteka.bg. This is how you enrich the social program for your employees.

     Online beer trading at our specialized site www.pivoteka.bg

     Craft brewing is the art of making beer and the ability to enjoy it.

Making craft beer is a creation that does not need industrial plants, thousands of tones of raw materials or wasteful advertising campaigns - on the contrary. All it takes is two hands and one person who truly loves what he does.


Craft beer is all about a rich bouquet of diversified flavors and aromas. Water, malt, hops and yeast are mandatory elements, but the combinations between them are endless.


Above all else, Craft is also a culture of responsible and quality consumption. Often, craft beer is the perfect addition to a variety of dishes and bites. The combination of both opens up new tastes and unleashes their full potential.


According to the Law on Electronic Commerce, the company that provides the goods and services of the online store Pivoteka is: PIVOTEKA Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria. Dry River 95A, registered under VAT law.