Payment and shipping

These Terms are valid from October 1st, 2020

Only persons over the age of 18 are eligible to place orders and accept deliveries.


Delivery in Sofia

•    We provide FREE SHIPPING for the city of Sofia only for orders with a value over BGN 24.99;

•    Delivery Orders for the same day should be placed until 12:30 pm of the current day;

•   Delivery times - from Monday to Friday excluding National holidays, from 09:30 AM to 5:30 PM;

•    Delivery price for the city of Sofia for orders with value less than 24.99 BGN is 4 BGN;

•    The purchased goods are due to be delivered within 1 working day after order confirmation (received by 12:30 on the current day).

Delivery in Plovdiv

•    We provide FREE SHIPPING each Thursday for the city of Plovdiv for orders with a value over BGN 24.99.

Delivery in the country

The delivery in the country is executed by "Speedy" to an office of the courier company or to your door and its pricing is based on the gross weight of your purchased products. E.g. a bottle of 330ml weights avarage 550gr; of 500ml - avarage 780gr; a can of 330ml - 350gr.

Weight To office To address Products
up to 3 kg 3.20 BGN 5.57 BGN ~ 5-6 bottles of 330 ml
up to 6 kg 4.59 BGN 9,70 BGN ~ 11 bottles of 330 ml
up to 10 kg 5.74 BGN 10,76 BGN ~ 18 bottles of 330 ml
up to 20 kg 10.51 BGN 15.95 BGN ~ 36 bottles 330 ml


You need to provide a telephone and exact shipping address.
Contact number 0895 981 230 (Viber) or email:

All deliveries and packaging are carried out in accordance with the measures announced by the Crisis Staff.

According to the Law on Electronic Commerce, the company providing the goods and services of the online store Pivoteka is: PIVOTEKA OOD, UIC: 203203082, Sofia, Suhata reka 95a, registered under VAT law.


We reserve the right to change the conditions under new restrictions in the context of a state of emergency.