Colour your Easter with beer!


It is again the time of the year for the brightest and most colorful Christian holiday - Easter!

This period is heart warming because it brings so much optimism to our tormented souls, the sun is back to bring warmth to the blossoming nature, We are also challenged to create the most beautifully decorated eggs to please the eye across social channels, at least for a while we look away from daily issues and open our minds to aesthetics and goodness.

During the Easter holidays our tables look fabulous and the best thing about gateway to the re-tune of the summer diet after winter and Easter fasts and it aims to give energy and awaken the body.

By tradition, we at Pivoteka provide a short guide of matching food&beer to each typical culinary period of the year. You know how happy we are to popularize the talent of combining food and drinks :)

We immediately start with spring and in particular the Easter salad. Light food - with light beer. Naturally, we associate it with the most recognizable beer style - lager and pilsner. They are easy drinking fresh and effervescent beers and help clean out the palate but also wet the appetite. In this particular salad, however, we added boiled eggs, which allows us to reach out for a more advanced version of beer such as pale ale, and to those who want to experience an unexpectedly good combination - we recommend consuming it with champagne-like sour beer.

The place of honor at the Easter table is tender lamb. Everyone has their own tradition of how to prepare it, so we will not dare to offer a recipe, but just a little advice - add a cup of porter to the marinade, and serve yourselves the rest while eating.
Liver-based Drop Sarma is a queen dish too and can be served as a garnish to lamb or main course, it certainly needs a well-hopped IPA, and why not a double IPA?! Since the recipe is a kaleidoscope of ingredients itself, our proposal follows the same logic, the hoppier the better!

Where every host shines with qualities is actually the Bulgarian Easter cake, Kozunak. Fluffy, with vanilla, lemon, chocolate, and maybe some nuts, in the shape of rolls or buns, the variations of Easter fantasies are countless. Next to it, we boldly put a light and carbonated beer - it could be a lager, but why not try wheat styles like Witbier and German Weiss or even a New England IPA. Without a hesitation we can also pour ourselves fragrant, fruity, pampering our palate sour fruited beer.

However, we believe that everyone would recognize their favorite combination of beer and food. In order not to waste time choosing beer for your Easter table, we tried to help you by putting together a pack of variable in styles, colours and tastes beers, suitable for the Easter beer menu.

HERE is our proposal for an Easter package, which we hope will make it easier for you so that you can focus on cooking instead :-)

Easter beer pack by PIVOTEKA

We wish you Happy Easter and hoppy glasses!



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