Bulgarian small breweries

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Discover Bulgarian small breweries with our special 13 beers-pack selection! Free delivery to yuor home for Sofia or free delivery to any Speedy courier's office in the country!

This proposal of ours contains 1 bottle of each, as follows*:

Fabric American Pale Ale 0.330 мл, Pivoteka Хала 0.500 мл, Trima i Dvama Чисто и Просто 0.500 мл, Divo Pivo Porter 0.330 мл,

Pelta 911 0.330 мл, Бял Щърк Supersonic 0.330 мл, Meltum G-n Hops NEIPA 0.500 мл, Dunav Craft Roustchouk 0.330мл, Glarus Oh Double 7 Strong IPA 0.500 мл, Бял Щърк Cosmic Debris 0.330 мл, Cohones Family Jewels 0.330 мл, Beer Bastards Баси Кефа кен 0.330 мл, Metalhead LickItUp 0.330 мл.

*In case any of the beers included in the pack is out of stock, it will be replaced by another beer from the same brewery.


Selection of beers

We've selected for you this box of special beers to save you time and money. For present to someone or for weekly consumption at home.

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'We were among the first to start importing from small, independent breweries across Europe and the USA. We have hosted numerous events in order to promote the craft beer culture and to develop a quality taste in beer drinking.'

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децата ми подариха кашонче от селектираните бири , нещо разкошно изненадата беше голяма , наистина добър подарък
Бях чувал, че има такива малки пивоварни, но не бях опитвал толкова различни български бири наведнъж. Изненадах се приятно и ще поръчам и други такива. Благодаря и за бързата доставка!
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